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              PeaceFarms is committed to establishing sustainable farming in the developing world. Our team comes from a background of engineering, chemistry, technology, product design and of course international agriculture. With the direct support of Canadian farmers such as Golden Acres Grains Inc. we are able to establish practical and effective projects to empower communities to become food independent. Ultimately the goal is to help these communities to develop the skills, and tools needed to create a better future for themselves.  Attention is given to establishing practical programs that local people can learn, adopt and manage.  The projects emphasize a holistic approach to sustainability, local involvement, incremental implementation across multiple communities, and creating systems that can grow from community to community. We are currently maintaining projects with partnerships between Kenya and Canada, however, our program has the potential to be effective in any country with fertile soil.

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Sharing farm technology for the betterment of society between Canada and Kenya

From education to irrigation we work to provide sustainable food for all thanks to our volunteers and financial supporters

Be a volunteer on our next trip to Kenya, or sponsor a volunteer/project

Sustainable locally grown food



Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...
Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...


Dr. John P. Sloan

Peace Farms Team Leader

David L. Sloan

Computer Engineer

Technology Advisor

Lucas M. Sloan

Webmaster + Marketing

IMG_4283 Fred and Benter, July 2018_edit
Benter Ayini Ogol

Peace Farms Team Member

IMG_4283 Fred and Benter, July 2018_edit
Fred Ochieng Odinga

Peace Farms Team Member

Dr. Les Rawluck

Peace-Farms-Canada Chief Agricultural Engineer

Dr. Reddy Ganta

 Peace Farms Canada Field Assistant.

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